Review on Toastmasters Project 9: Pen it down!

I did my Project 9 on 21st April 2017.

I did not do very well for this project and my mentors and evaluators felt that I did not quite meet the objectives. I have repeated this project a couple of times but still not much of improvements.

The feedback given was the following:

  • There was just too many main topics. I should have focused on three main points and developed from there
  • Not much ‘good vocabulary’ such as rhetorical devices used
  • Body language does not portray much power
  • Vocal variety does not convince others to start writing

Once I am done with Project 10, I will be taking a couple of months off to focus a little bit more on writing, perhaps writing an article or two on Business Intelligence and a couple more reviews on self development books.

At the same time, I would like to focus more on Emotional Intelligence and improve the way I present myself. That way, I will be better prepared for Advanced Toastmasters modules and communicate better with others and at work!


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