Toastmasters Project 5: Life lessons from my fitness journey

“An apple a day, keeps doctor away. Doing exercise every day, keeps Lord Yama away”

Good evening my beautiful friends,

Last week, my company invited Fitness First over to promote their membership services. Ironically, quite a fair bit of people enrolled and it just got me thinking about my exercise routine and how it has changed me over the years. Therefore, I would like to share with you the 2 most important lessons.

Lesson 1: What you do outside matters much more than what you do inside

Most people have goals such as to lose 25kg or to keep up with their kids. That’s a very good goal. But it’s also a generic goal. Have you thought about how you going to achieve it? Most of us, would have thought that exercise is enough. But the truth is, there are many factors that play a part.

For instance, your diet plays a major part. You can’t just exercise thrice a week and continue to booze, have sugar drinks and fast food etc while hoping that you will achieve your goals. It doesn’t work that way. What one should do is that, recognize his or her own vices say maybe booze. So on days or meals that you are not going to drink alcohol, opt for fresh or homemade juices instead. One technique that works for most of my friends, is that they detox their body for a month in a year. So basically, they don’t drink alcohol in one once or twice a year to detox.

Lastly, you need to have enough sleep and know the best hour to exercise. For some, its during lunch hour, for others it can be after work or before work. Recognizing the time, allows you to plan your day accordingly. After a few weeks, you realize that you have become more efficient because you have that fixed schedule to stick to.

Lesson 2: Build your wall brick by brick

When I first started out doing yoga two years ago, I was probably the slowest student in that class. But I kept going, I woke up at 5.30am every morning to practice, before my brain starts telling me what to do. After a month, some of the poses, got a little bit easier. I wouldn’t say perfect, but definitely, decent.

When you first embark on something new, it will be difficult. But one should create an anchor through rituals. I am not referring to something that is spiritual or sacred, but rather something that you do regularly.

The point is, nothing is easy. You have got to be patient. They also say patience is not necessarily the ability to wait, but rather the manner in which you wait. In this case, practice and consistency are the keys to success and that’s how you build your wall.


Dear friends, did you notice how my fitness journey resonate with our career journey and other aspects of our lives as well?

All of these provide a platform for us to train ourselves, to make the most out of you and make you discover your best.

Try out the two lessons:

  • What you do outside matters much more than what you do inside
  • Build your wall brick by brick

Combine with consistent action and intention, eventually the ritual will become a habit and guide you to reach your goals. So practice it, create your own anchor, get the support you need and celebrate it.


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