Review on Toastmasters Project 4: Swimming with the dolphins

I did my Toastmasters Project 4 (How to say it) on 6th Jan 2017. I must say this is tough as I am not used to giving or writing descriptive speeches.

  1. Was the speech topic appropriate for this particular assignment?
    • Excellent
  2. Did the speaker use simple, short and clear words?
    • Satisfactory
  3. Did the speaker use vivid, descriptive words that created mental images?
    • Satisfactory
  4. Did the speaker use words that had more than one meaning or were inaccurate?
    • Excellent
  5. Were the speaker’s sentences short, simple and understandable?
    • Satisfactory
  6. Did the speaker use rhetorical devices to enhance his or her ideas?
    • Excellent
  7. Did the speaker avoid jargon and unnecessary words?
    • Excellent
  8. Did the speaker use proper grammar and pronunciation?
    • Excellent
  9. Was the speech purpose clear?
    • Excellent
  10. Was the speech effectively organized?
    • Excellent
  11. What could the speaker have done differently to make the speech more effective?
    • Make a more sustained eye contact
    • Avoid too much movement
    • Improvise by speaking and practicing in front of a mirror
  12. What did you like about the speech?
    • It was an appropriate topic
    • Sentences were short and simple
    • Easy to follow. The evaluator liked how the connection to nature was described and how the encounter was a blessing in disguise and not did not happen by chance

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